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  • Lauren S.

    This review is for Matt Czepiel. I was brand new to Boston and didn't realize I was coming here soon after the "9/1" move in date. Between being new to the city, traveling a ton for work, and needing to find housing within 30 days, I was fairly stressed out. I happened to meet Matt through a Zillow listing for a rental. Within the first few minutes, it was easy to tell that, as much as Matt has a job to do, he cares much more about helping someone find a place that is a great fit and will meet their needs more than just getting a lease signed or a paycheck. I must have asked him a dozen questions, many of which were likely ridiculous or simply just about the city and adjusting here, and he answered every one of them with patience. Matt's desire to help was even more evident when he shared with me that he's more on the home buying side of things than helping with rentals, but still offered to help me knowing I was brand new to the city and on a time crunch. After the first place wasn't what I was looking for, I didn't anticipate hearing from Matt again knowing he didn't work with rentals much. Then, a week or so later I got an email from him with a listing, and not just any listing; one that fit nearly every checkbox of what I had told Matt I was looking for in rental from amenities to location to budget. From there, Matt helped streamline every step of the process between working with the landlords to getting the lease signed and making it convenient to get deposits in order. He even went the extra mile to re-show the property to my then potential and now current roommate because I had to be out of town for two weeks and was worried I wouldn't find a roommate in time. Where most realtors would stop there, Matt has since taken the time to reach out and ask how the rental is working out. As a new person in the city, the experience with Matt made my impression of Boston all that more welcoming. Needless to say, I know who my realtor will be when it comes time to buy my first home.